Our Mission


We believe in building our community up by making plant-based eating approachable + fun.


At Sprout Society, we believe in eating more plants - it's good for you and our planet. We understand that people often don't always have the time, energy, or simply the desire to cook for themselves, so we prepare and deliver plant-based meals that are ready to eat, approachable, nutritious and of course, ridiculous tasty!

Our Story


Amy and Conner, the founders of Sprout, were both working in fulfilling careers in the Social Work and Education sectors, but in 2020, they decided to get creative and pursue their long-time passion for food. Sprout Society began right here in Calgary with a mission to fuel the well-being of our community by making plant-based eating accessible, delicious and convenient. 

"We believe that convenience doesn't have to come at the expense of health, so we set out to give our community back the gift of time, with honestly healthy, ready-made meals."

Amy Kadz | Proud Owner

What Sets Us Apart

Driven By Sustainability

We are blessed to live on such a beautiful and vibrant planet, so let's keep it that way. We're very mindful of what we are putting out in the world, and at Sprout we do our best to reduce waste, as much as possible. We strive to operate as close to zero-waste as we grow our business, and would love see this as the standard for other food industry businesses.

100% Plant Powered

Incorporating a plant-based diet is fantastic for so many reasons! Not only does it support a healthy planet, it is also rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, & legumes, and is an amazing way to achieve optimal health. The ingredients in our meals are some of the most nutrient-dense foods we can eat, which is why we provide ready-made meals that are rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals, and they come well packed with protein to feed the athlete in all of us.

Community Focused

It is Sprout’s mission to give back to our communities by connecting with like-minded organizations around our city, and giving back to those who need it most. That is why we participate in food programs such as Calgary’s Community Fridge, and proudly donate to I CAN for Kids to work towards eradicating food insecurity in Calgary.

Pushing for



We believe that it’s our responsibility to positively impact the local community and environment, which is why we have set out to re-write the rules on sustainability within an industry that is notorious for single-use waste. 

In an effort to create a true zero-waste system, we operate a container swap program, which saves thousands of containers from being one-and-done'd each week, keeping over 70,000 containers out of the landfill, recycling, and compost during our first two years alone! 

We Support our Team


We believe that a happy and healthy team is paramount to creating happy and healthy meals, and we want to ensure that our staff absolutely love coming to work each and every day. We pride ourselves on offering industry-leading wages for our team, as well as full benefit coverage for all our full-time + part-time employees.

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