Frequently Asked Questions

Our Meals

How does your menu rotation work?

Each week, we cook up 6 amazing entrées and 5+ breakfast options with our menu changing every week + 4 fan-favorite dishes on our core lineup that remain from week-to-week. Your taste buds are guaranteed to never get bored!

Are your meals fully vegan?

Yes, 100%, our meals are made entirely from plants! While moving to a more plant-based diet can seem daunting or bland, our mission is to make plants exciting, accessible, and wildly delicious.

Are your meals fully gluten-free?

The vast majority of our dishes are fully gluten-friendly by default, as make a point of using fully gluten-free ingredients such as tamari instead of soya sauce. We offer a gluten-free version of all of our pasta dishes. We do work out of a co-working kitchen space where other kitchen users do use gluten flour, so we classify our meals as gluten friendly, not fully gluten-free.

How big are your meals?

Are meals range from 400 to 550g, meaning that they are a full pound of deliciousness!

Are they individual servings?

Yes, all of our meals are large individual portions, not couple or family portions such as meal kits. Each of your meals can be hand-picked individually.

How much protein is in your meals?

We design our meals to include 18 to 25g of protein per serving, with all of the basic macro information found on our website as well as on the meal container itself.

How much sodium is in your meals?

Well the sodium content is not readily displayed with each meal, our meals range from 300 to 1100mg of sodium per large portion. Our Asian stirfries and curries tend towards a 700 to 1100mg range, while our pastas, salads, bowls and western dishes tend towards a 300 to 700mg range.

Can I modify my dishes?

Unfortunately due to the large scale production process of our meals, individual dishes cannot be modified. If you have any allergies or preferences, you can input these into through your client profile, and our system will automatically filter these dishes away from your options.

Can my meals be frozen?

Our pastas, curries and stir fry dishes do freeze quite well, and this information can be found on each dish's container label.

Placing My First Order

Our three ways to order

We currently have three different ways to order:
1. Monthly Subscribe + Save plans (save up to 15% + free delivery)
2. Weekly Subscribe + Save plans (save up to 15%)
3. One-time Ordering

What should I expect?

With your first order, the hardest part will be having to wait until Sunday to receive your delicious meals! We will send you delivery updates and ETAs over the weekend so you can track exactly when your first delivery will arrive.

Our meals are all labeled with fresh before dates, heating instructions, and basic macros. We recommend eating the dishes in order to maximize freshness - shortest fresh by dates first, longest dates after.

Our Subscribe + Save Plans

Is there a minimum commitment?

Nope, we're very flexible with all our subscription plans - skip, pause or cancel any time. Any pre paid for weekly will be fulfilled. Monthly plans cannot be refunded part way through the month.

When will my plan renew and times?

Weekly Plans:

Your plan will renew each Monday morning, at which point your order will be opened-up and you can either hand-pick your meals for that week or choose to skip the delivery, which will defer this delivery to the next week instead. You can skip as many weeks consecutively as needed! 

Monthly Plans:

Your plan will renew every 4th Monday, and you can hand-pick your meals up to four weeks at a time, as well as pre-skip deliveries up to 4 weeks ahead.

Can I hand-pick my subscription meals?

Yes - each week you can hand-pick each of your individual dishes before Wednesday at midnight, after which point your meals will be auto-selected by our system based off your allergies and preferences.

Missed the selection deadline? No worries, please email us at and we will do our best to accommodate.

When is the deadline to skip the upcoming delivery?

If you need to skip your upcoming delivery, this must be done before Wednesday at midnight.

Pausing my renewals

you can pause your account from undergoing future renewals at any time through your "My Subscription" page. You can choose to pause a pre-set amount of time, or pause indefinitely.


When are your weekly deliveries?

Our deliveries take place every Sunday between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM. We also offer pickup options from a North and South location - pickup details can be found on the checkout page.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver all across Calgary, Canmore, Banff, Bragg Creek, Chestemere, Airdrie, Okotoks, and Cochrane.

We now deliver to Edmonton + Sherwood Park.

How much does delivery cost?

Our deliveries are FREE with all of our monthly Subscribe + Save plans! For our weekly plans and one-time orders, our delivery is a $8 flat rate within Calgary limits, $10-$12 for surrounding communities.

What if I won't be home for my delivery?

While we don't have cooler bags as of yet, there are a couple solutions to help:
1. Simply leave a cooler out on your front step or delivery location and our delivery service will leave your delivery inside to stay cold. Please ensure this cooler will be large enough to receive your order as our drivers will not open your sealed bag of meals to arrange within the cooler.
2. If you live in apartment, link up with your concierge service to help you out
3. You can always select to have your meals brought to one of our convenient pickup locations which have long Sunday and Monday hours, making pickup a breeze!

Will I receive delivery notifications?

Yes! We send out day-before ETA notifications so that you can plan your Sunday as best as possible and don't have to be sitting around waiting. On Sunday, you will receive live-tracking updates and up to date ETA notifications along the way.

What if I need to change my delivery address last minute?

For those on our Subscribe + Save plans, this can be done from your "My Subscription" page. Otherwise, please email us at to let us know of the change.

Our Zero-Waste Container Swap

What do I do with my old containers?

We ask that our clients please thoroughly clean your containers, exactly, and set them outside in your normal delivery spot for our delivery service to collect and returned to us to be used again.

Why do you re-use containers?

One of our biggest goals with Sprout was to address the wasteful nature of the meal prep industry, we chose to use a high-quality Canadian meat container that can be reused hundreds of times before losing its quality. We believe in reducing our footprint by limiting waste and reusing as much as possible.

How are your zero-waste containers washed before re-use?

Our containers are fully washed and sanitized through our industrial sanitizer for being recirculated, using Health Canada-recommended disinfectants to protect the health and safety of our customers and our team. Quality assurance testing is performed frequently on washed materials, equipment and procedures to ensure our containers have been completely sanitized before next use.

If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Drop us an email to

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