California Roll Sushi Bowl

California Roll Sushi Bowl

Say hello to our version of vegan California roll, deconstructed! We are serving it up with a pickled ginger slaw, tofu "crab" mix with homemade sriracha lime aioli, crisp cucumber, plated with sushi rice and topped with sesame seeds and soya ginger sauce.

Cal 540 Pro: 20 Fat: 19 Carb: 65

Available sizes:


Sesame Oil, Salt, Rice Wine Vinegar, Brown Rice, GF Tamari, Lime Juice, Green Onion, Tofu, Pickled Ginger, Seaweed, Canola Oil, Vinegar, Salt, Aquafaba, Mustard, Salt, Tofu, Carrots, Red Cabbage, Green Cabbage, Cucumber, GF Tamari, Lime Juice, Hot Sauce, Garlic, Black Pepper, Ginger, Canola Oil, Vinegar, Salt, Aquafaba, Mustard, Salt, Tofu, Sesame Oil, GF Tamari, Sweet Chili Sauce, Lime Juice, Ginger, Garlic, Rice Wine Vinegar, Water, Organic Coconut Sugar, Pickled Ginger, Sesame Seeds, Sesame Seeds


Heat me up for 30 seconds - 1 minute to take my chill off.

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